Primary Election: AUGUST 28, 2018

We are so lucky to have a Governor’s Sterling Award Winning Elections Office and staff in Hillsborough County. Craig Latimer and his employees have worked so diligently to bring Hillsborough County the best in election service. Elections don’t just happen on one day anymore. With multiple voting options available, election time has become over a month long opportunity for each and every eligible resident to cast their vote! They make it so easy by offering multiple ways to vote in the upcoming election. Around 60% of ballots are cast before Election Day even rolls around by using Vote-By-Mail. Early Vote at select locations is also available in the few weeks before Election Day. Check the Supervisor of Elections website for info on Early Vote Precincts, to request a Vote By Mail ballot, or to check on other important voting information. Click the appropriate links to check your registration status, update your address, or request your Vote By Mail Ballot.

— Ray Chiaramonte, Democrat, for Hillsborough County Commission, District 7


Stephen Benson

Though we are members of different generations and have lived very different lives, Ray has always respected me and valued my opinions. He has taught me to be confident and use my status as a young professional to speak as a member of the next generation. Through Ray’s teachings and his actions I have learned that the ultimate goal of planners is to improve our community for future generations. This pursuit of a better future is what inspires me to be a planner. I am passionate because I have been inspired. I am ambitious because I am confident. These are all skills and traits I learned from Ray. There are some people in this world who have found their passion and niche and have dedicated their careers to improving the world around them. Ray is without a doubt one of these people, and I hope to become one too.

Stephen Benson
Board Member, Hillsborough Count Planning Commission

Mark Sharpe

“No person exudes more confidence, intimate knowledge and passion for his profession than Mr. Chiaramonte…he orchestrated a complete revision of comprehensive planning efforts resulting in the creation of one of the first extensive nationwide visioning efforts; the reorientation of planning philosophy to provide incentives for new development in areas already served by Infrastructure; and the foundation for a community planning effort which is still in use today.”

Mark Sharpe
Former County Commissioner

Rick Harcrow

“Mr. Chiaramonte’s commitment to the Tampa – Hillsborough community has been and continues to be exemplary. His career is defined by a long list of successful projects, plans and initiatives which demonstrate a life-long commitment and unwavering tenacity to not accept the status quo but to press forward for meaningful change. Mr. Chiaramonte’s vision, coupled with his interpersonal and analytical talents have contributed greatly to making a better community. His ability to communicate complex ideas and planning principles in a way that connects solidly with his audience is exceptional. His genuine concern for the full-on sharing of views of all stakeholders and his passion for community betterment is what makes him a highly effective and respected leader.”

Rick Harcrow
President and Founder of LandPlan Inc.


Ray Chiaramonte’s family has been in Hillsborough County for over a hundred years. He was raised in Riverview, and has lived on Davis Island, in West Tampa, Town and Country, and Westchase. For decades Ray has championed the importance of planning and provided leadership, taking planning to new levels in the Tampa Bay.  He worked on projects in historic preservation, urban design, new urbanism, urban service boundaries, transportation, neighborhood planning, and public participation.  He accomplished this by rising to Hillsborough Planning Commission Director, and most recently TBARTA  Director.  Ray’s award winning work, built on his dedication, integrity, and passion for building better communities.

It is time for him to serve the public at a new level of leadership as Hillsborough County Commissioner District 7. He can use his knowledge and experience to work with other leaders to take Hillsborough County to the next level. This is an important time in our history as we look at transportation, land use, education, job creation, and other quality of life issues.  Ray’s proven leadership can be an asset for Hillsborough County to move forward toward an even brighter future for the next generation.



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